Lighting and Look Dev
Sushido has been rendered in Renderman RIS (v20.4).

Lighting workflow was made up of finishing and proper lighting steps.
Finishing was based on Maya cache file. Once the caches were ready we attached them to our RND scene (static Look Dev files) and cleaned the cached meshes with scuplt and other Maya deformators.


Then I created the maya referenced scene in which I added the main Lightset.
For almost all the scene the Lightset was based on:

– Key lightkey_light.jpg

– Fill lightfill_light.jpg

– Env Ligh for fill and reflectionenv_light.jpg

– Rim lightrim_light.jpg

– Key only-spec light highlight for the eyes

Sushido Lights LGTsushido_lights_LGT.jpg

Sushido Maya LGTsushido_maya_LGT.jpg

Then I made a script to set all the best render settings to maintain a good quality but keeping the render time as low as possible, like 40 min per frame. So to remove the noise we also used renderman Denoise Tool, so that Sara could have the less noisy passes to start compositing.


At render time we produced also some usefull lpe RIS AOVs (passes) like specular, diffuse, subsurface and refraction plus other 32-bit passes such as float z, motion vector and normals.